Sunday, August 9, 2009

Scaring old people

Part of the disinformation the insurance /health/pharmacy complex is pushed by the 60 Plus Association.
They are mentioned as an alternative to AARP information. While I do have a few reservations about AARP, loud warning bell go off when I open the 60 Plus Association web site. As a communications professional I see all the earmarks of propaganda. This site is too slick by half. The information is all canned and no forums or reader interaction is required other than contribution if you are really sick of some of the money in your wallet. The theme is paranoia. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE! Yes, I knew that. I also knew that the insurance companies are damn close to immortal and for this they will spend vast sums that should be paying for client health care to keep the government from doing anything that will shift the balance from the staus quo.
One recurring complaint is that government bureaucrats will be rationing health care. So at present we have insurance adjusters rationing health care. Adjusters that get raises and promotions from denying health care not for saving lives.
Another pseudo issue is that the government is making people plan to die. Living wills are not fun to think about. Our mortality closes in on us as we age. It took my wife of 43 years at age 64. It was merciful swift and many issues did not present themselves. Our death will come and if we have reasoned out the many possible choices this entails with modern medicine we can face it with some comfort that should we have our capacities reduced by illness our views on the appropriate measures will be known and followed. Personally I don't want my children burdened with enormous debt after my demise. I do not wish to be like a head of cauliflower in a crisper slowly losing vitality with no quality to my life no matter how skillfully it can be prolonged. Some aged couples have the terror of shortening a spouse's life if their own care runs up massive debt. The serious and sad possibilities are real and counseling by appropriate health professionals can answer many questions that bother people. When commercial interests spend massively to create a false fear they are the worst of ghouls and knaves. This is separate from the loathing that is engendered by the cynical attitude toward the people of this nation. That they try to recruit those most in need of quality health care to fight in defense of the very source of the health care problem, is the epitome of immoral.

What about the poor? F*** the poor

Mel Brooks knew that little has changed since ancient times for the poor, put it in his movie.
Through the campaigns and all of the coverage of the recession the poor have been as always invisible. Hell they can't afford newspapers, Internet connections or watch anything but off air tv so why pander to them. They certainly will be a minuscule element in campaign contributions. A national public health care system might just possibly help them but will be the last issue brought up in the debate. Poverty is an all purpose discrimination. Politicians can be opposed to poverty as loud as they want. The fact that they are opposed to the poor because the poor aren't like them slides through unsaid.
Bringing fear to the middle class now there is a thriving business. Convince the middle class that they need to support the wealthy and international corporations is a gold rush. You just tell them that they will become the poor. Enough of the middle class is on the cusp so this threat is real to them. Perhaps if we still manufactured stuff in this country we could bring some out of poverty.
How many people with grown children actually know what their kids do for a living? Good jobs in today's world often have come into being in the last decade and will be obsolete by the next decade. Not exactly stability my friends. On the bright side you can trust the rich. Trust them to perpetuate their wealth whatever the cost to others.